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NaturistAds - The Naturist Advertising Network

Who are you?

NaturistAds has been designed for every publisher of online naturist and nudist content. In other words, everyone with a website or blog related to naturism or nudism can become a member of the NaturistAds network.

Well… Everyone may not be exactly true. There are a couple of rules which you’ll have to follow. But more about that later.

With NaturistAds you will earn money every time someone clicks on one of your banners. Needless to say that it’s important to have at least some visitors to your website.

Another important aspect is the naturist/nudist content. Please don’t apply if you have a travel blog or health website and you’ve written one or two things about naturism. Only websites that have naturism or nudism as their main subject can become publishers at NaturistAds.

our guidelines

We’re not big fans of huge sets of rules. We don’t like them at nudist resorts and we definitely don’t think that they would fit well on this website. Nevertheless there are some things you need to know before applying as a NaturistAds publisher.

  • Your website should not have any sexual content and doesn't promote sexual behaviour in naturist places.
  • Your website should contain original and engaging content. It's pretty simple, if your readers aren’t engaged with your content, they’re not going to be engaged with the ads either.
  • You are not allowed to click the NaturistAds ads on your own websites. If we notice suspicious behaviour we have the right to freeze your unpaid revenue and suspend your account without final payment.
  • You are not allowed to encourage your visitors to click on the NaturistAds ads on your website.

Money talk

This is the part you’ve been looking for, right?

There’s no shame in that. If you’ve spent a huge amount of time building a website and writing to your audience, it’s only fair that eventually you can earn a passive income from that. Maybe you’ll be able to pay for an amazing nakation in France or prented you’re Kate and Jack on a nude cruise.

In pay-per-click advertising, the name really speaks for itself. Every time someone clicks an ad on your website, you get paid. Every time your balance hits 50€ you can request a payment.

NaturistAds is currently one of the few ways to monetize a naturist website and to build a stable passive income.

NaturistAds - The Naturist Advertising Network

How does is work exactly?

Here’s some more good news. Adding our ads to your website is extremely easy. Once your website has been approved you will gain access to our NaturistAds Publisher Portal where you can download a piece of code which you can add to your website and that’s it.

NaturistAds also works great with WordPress advertising plugins like Ad Inserter.

We won’t go into much further detail here, all detailed information can be found in our Support section.