Our prices per click are dependent of two important factors: Campaign model and targeting.

Campaign model: We make the difference between a monthly subscription or a single campaign where the duration and daily budget can be set separately. Within the subscription campaign there are different prices depending on the monthly budget and the duration.

Targeting: The scope of Geo-Targeting (where only visitors from certain countries or cities will see the ad) is different than a global scope. Therefor we apply a separate pricing model.

Find out the perfect pricing model for your business in This Blog Post.

WPCS 1.1.6

Subscription campaign

  • Non-Targeted Ads
  • Geo-Targeted Ads
 From 25.00  / monthfrom 50.00  / Monthfrom 100.00  / month
1 to 2 Months0.13  / Click0.11  / Click0.09  / Click
3 to 5 Months0.11  / Click0.09  / Click0.07  / Click
6 Months or more0.09  / Click0.07  / Click0.05  / Click
 From 25.00  / monthfrom 50.00  / Monthfrom 100.00  / month
1 to 2 Months0.18  / Click0.16  / Click0.14  / Click
3 to 5 Months0.16  / Click0.14  / Click0.12  / Click
6 Months or more0.14  / Click0.12  / Click0.10  / Click

Single campaign

Non-Targeted Ads: 0.15  / Click

Geo-Targeted Ads: 0.20  / Click

One campaign can include up to 10 banners in different styles and sizes. We don’t apply different prices for different banner sizes.

If you’d have other requirements than what’s included in above pricing list, feel free to contact us to check the possibilities.

Read more about our campaign system in our support directory.