NaturistAds Supports Corona-Proof Resorts

NaturistAds Supports Corona-Proof Resorts

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The Coronavirus is spreading superfast around the world and the industry that is most likely to suffer the most from this is the travel industry. Some countries are already reporting a drop of up to 40 to 50 percent in tourism and chances are that this is just the start. Other than the actual virus, it’s also the general scare that prevents people from booking their next naturist vacation.
As a naturist resort, there are two ways to react to this sad news. You can sit and wait, pray and hope that this will all be over soon. Or you can grasp the nettle, focus on the travelers who are less influenced by the corona hysteria and do still want to go on holiday.
The most important will be to create a safe environment for those travelers, limiting their risk of picking up the virus or losing money because of the virus. At NaturistAds we want to support naturist resorts who take action to make the resort Corona-Proof.

How will NaturistAds support Corona-Proof resorts?

We reward naturist resorts that take action to keep their visitors as safe as possible by doubling the visibility of their ads for 3 months! This is done by decreasing your cost-per-click by half.

For example:
If you look at our Pricing Table, you’ll see that a 3-month Geo-Targeted NaturistAds campaign with a budget of 25€ ($27.5) per month, has a cost-per-click of 0.16€ ($0.18). This means that such a campaign gets 156 clicks.

For “Corona-Proof” resorts, the cost-per-click will be divided in two, so only 0.08€ ($0.09). Meaning that for the same budget of 25€, you’ll get 312 clicks.

How to become a Corona-Proof naturist resort?

There are lots of things you can do to keep your visitors safe from the coronavirus:

✅ Provide free hand soap and/or alcohol-based hand rub.

✅ Train your staff to recognize the symptoms of the coronavirus.

✅ Make sure that your guests have access to 24/7 medical service.

✅ Create an emergency plan for the case that someone would get infected.

✅ Hang out signs that stress the importance of hygiene, especially when it comes to washing hands and coughing/sneezing.

✅ Give your future guests a free cancellation plan, so they don’t lose money in the case they are not able to travel due to the further development of the virus.

✅ Anything else you can think of to keep your guests safe.

Requirements for receiving our 50% discount for Corona-Proof resorts

Of course, you need to take action to become a Corona-Proof resort and inform us about it.

Also, the following rules apply:

✅ Sign up for a campaign before April 30, 2020

✅ Campaign start before May 31, 2020

Minimum campaign duration: 3 months.

✅ The special measures you’ve taken to make your resort corona-proof need to be mentioned in the banner(s) or on the landing page on your website where the banners lead to.

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