How NaturistAds will Help the Naturist World Grow

How NaturistAds will Help the Naturist World Grow

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The reason why we started NaturistAds is that we noticed a problem in the way both online advertisements of naturist businesses and the online promotion of naturism, in general, are working today. In this world where lots of people use the internet for pretty much everything, online naturist marketing still seems to be in its infancy.

One small but very significant aspect distinguishes naturism from most other markets: nudity. Because of the nudity, naturist businesses and websites are often unrightfully categorized in the porn section instead of any of the other places where it belongs such as mental health, travel, and empowerment.

As a result, many marketing doors often remain closed to us. To both the naturist businesses and the naturist influencers.

Online marketing for naturist businesses

By far and large the most popular online advertising networks of today are Google and Facebook, which together gathered an advertisement revenue of nearly $200 billion in 2019. Their strategy is genius. Because of all their other applications, they have been able to build perfect profiles of their millions of worldwide users. Google and Facebook know your age, gender and where in the world you are. They know your hobbies, your taste in music and your favorite bars. Most likely they know what kind of snack you’ll be having after reading this blog post before you even decided yet.

With all this information, they help their advertisers to reach a very specific target audience. If you are a producer of Harry Potter golf balls, they can help you expand your market segment of young female golfers in Ohia who like to read the Harry Potter novels. It’s brilliant.

If you happen to be the Sky Farm Nudist Swimming Club in New Jersey, Google and Facebook could make it perfectly possible to reach people who are interested in both swimming and nudism and live within a 50-mile range from Baskin Ridge. But they don’t. Naturism and nudism are among the very few interests that you can’t select on their platform.

Another example is The world-leading platform for finding hotels online. Their selection criteria are endless. You can easily search for a hotel room in Brussels with private parking, a balcony and a pool table that will cost you less than $100 a night. But you can’t search for a hotel where clothes are optional.

By being excluded from the world’s most effective advertising platforms, naturist businesses struggle to get the word out and reach potential new customers. The naturist customers, on the other hand, have very few options to find new naturist places to visit, nude yoga classes in the region or a shop where they can buy a new t-shirt saying “I’m a nudist and I’m proud of it”.

With NaturistAds we bring a solution to that problem. We created a network where naturist businesses can directly reach a naturist audience. This helps the businesses gain new customers. NaturistAds helps naturist businesses to grow.

Online promotion of naturism and nudism

On the other end of the spectrum are the naturist publishers. Naturists who want to spread the word about their wonderful lifestyle through websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and social media channels.

Social media are the most troublesome of the promotional options for naturism. Facebook and Instagram have quite dubious rules of what they allow and what not. Technically, you are not allowed to publish pictures containing female nipples, genitals or closeups of buttocks. Yet many naturist accounts have been blocked or banned even though they stuck to those rules. Often even a glimpse of a butt or sharing an article that’s nudity related gets them in trouble. Naturist influencers on Facebook and Instagram have to live with the constant fear that from one moment to another, all their work might go through the drain.

Twitter and smaller social media networks like MeWe have less strict rules concerning nudity. But also have much less control of what’s posted on their networks. As a result, many naturist accounts just get lost between tons of porn and fake accounts.

Other than social media, YouTube is much more clear about its policy and does implement decent controls that keep porn away. On YouTube, you are allowed to publish videos containing full nudity, as long as you categorize them as adult (18+) content.

Creating video is a big thing in online advertising and lots of vloggers are earning a decent income from placing ads on their viral videos. Now here comes the difficulty with being a naturist vlogger: YouTube does not allow you to place ads on videos that are marked as adult content. There are great naturist YouTubers who put tons of time and money into creating videos and whose content reaches millions. But they can’t earn a single cent from it.

Which brings us to blogs and websites. Since you are the owner of your own website, you can pretty much publish whatever you want. Although most hosting providers will not allow porn websites, non-sexual nudity is normally not a problem. As a website owner, you are also free to put as much advertising on your website as you wish. But, of course, you need to find advertisers.

Most website owners use middleware platforms for this. Google Ads is the most popular one but also Mediavine and AdThrive are great networks for publishing ads on a website without having to contact the advertising companies themselves. With Google Ads, for example, website owners earn on average about $1.5 per 1000 page views. If a website has 100 000 page views per month, the owner can make $150 without having to do much else than add a piece of code to the website. Easy money and a nice compensation for the time and effort they put in creating content.

But there comes that big taboo again. The popular advertising networks, including all the above mentioned, will not allow their ads to be published on websites containing nudity. This leaves the owners with either publishing ads from crappy networks or porn ads, if they want to earn a couple of dollars.
Lots of naturist websites have come and gone, because there was no way to get compensation for all the time and effort they put in providing naturist content. Not even for the hosting costs.

Also here, NaturistAds brings the solution. Because we want to reach naturists and nudists around the world, the best place to put our ads are quality naturist websites. With NaturistAds we provide an opportunity for naturist content creators to earn money by promoting naturism. As a result, they will create more and better quality content, which reaches more visitors so they can earn even more from their ads.

Eventually, the prospect of being able to earn money by providing naturist content, this will also attract new content creators. Which will result in more genuine websites about naturism and will eventually help to grow the naturist world.

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