How to Build your Customer Profile

How to Build your Customer Profile

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Who is your customer?
Who are the guests at your resort?

It’s probably not too hard to give an accurate description.

Something like:
“My average guests are a couple from the Netherlands, in their fifties, kids are out of the house. They visit for a week, travel by car and stay in a tent. They enjoy playing petanque, sunbathing next to the swimming pool and communal dinners. They like to visit the wineries in the region, daytrips to the nude beach and hiking in the countryside. They go to bed around 10pm and wake up around sunrise. They dislike loud music and cold showers.”

Depending on your resort, you may even give many more details, or list several different profiles of your average visitors. But in the end, you know who they are, what they enjoy and why they visit your place.

Changing your average guest

Now and then, resort owners ask us why not more young people visit them. They see the age of their average guest increasing year after year. Knowing that every new season, some of them will not return. There is need for a fresh wind.

Our first question is always: “What have you already done to attract younger guests?”
– Silence.

“Ok, how exactly would you describe ‘younger guests’? What age group(s)? Couples, singles or families? Campers, glampers or rentals?”
– Silence.

Saying that you want a younger audience is like saying that you want something to eat. It’s not getting you in the right direction. Only when you further define, pizza, Thai curry or a vegan burger, you’ll know where you have to start looking.

Attracting a younger audience is just one example of changing your average guest. Maybe you want more guests who are involved in sports, who like hiking or art or nature or community. With the current COVID-19 travel bans, maybe your new average guest has to come from a different country.

Finding your customer avatar

One of the main reasons why people will choose your place instead of another one is because of trust. They have to trust you. They need to trust that those hard earned euros that they have been saving up for their vacation are best spent at your place. To develop trust, you must show your guests that you understand them. Better than they understand themselves.

Creating a customer avatar will help you with that. It’s a virtual representation of your ideal (new) guest. You’ll have to give them an identity and imagine their story. You’ll have to be specific and emotional. You may require more than a single avatar to represent different segments of your market, but focus on just one at a time.

Start with giving your avatar a name. You can even add a face, search on Google for a picture of the person you want to have at your place.

Next, step into your avatar’s shoes. See life through her eyes.
Answer below questions for your avatar:

Am I male or female?
How old am I?
Where do I live?
Do I have a partner?
Do I have children? How many? Which gender(s)? How old are they?
What did I study?
What’s my occupation?
What’s my income?
What’s my life motto?
What are my hobbies and interests?
What are my values?
Which books do I read, TV shows do I watch, blogs do I follow?
How long do I like to travel?
What type of vacation do I enjoy (nature, beach, city,…)?
Which transportation do I use to travel?
Which type of accommodation do I like?
Do I travel alone, as a couple, with friends, with the family?
What do I find important at a naturist resort?
How do I fill my days while on vacation?
Which excursions do I take?
Which type of food do I enjoy?
Which challenges or fears do I face?
Which kind of people do I like?
Where do I get my information about vacation destinations?
What are my objections to visiting your place?

The more specific you can be about your avatar, the better. Figure out all details you can think of.

Evaluating your avatar

Before going any further, it’s important to check the probability of your avatar.
Let’s say you ended up with a 20 year old male from New Zealand who enjoys bingo nights with people three times his age and goes to bed at 9pm… Well, he’s probably out there somewhere, but chances that you’ll find him are slim. Let alone that there will be plenty of him.

And most importantly, your avatar’s dreams, wishes and requirements have to match with what you have to offer.

A good tip is to list down the following for your avatar:
– 3 things he/she will like about your resort.
– 3 pain points.
– 3 reasons not to stay with you.

If you need inspiration, you could go search for your avatar in the reviews on Tripadvisor, Facebook, Google, NUDE, Review Resorts,…

See if you can figure out from the reviews whether the person who wrote it has similarities with your avatar and if so, what he/she likes or dislikes at other places. Especially if you know of resorts that do have your avatar among their guests, you can specifically search through their reviews.

How to reach your avatar

The next step is to make sure that your avatar knows about your existence and can be convinced that your place will be perfect for him or her.

You’ll have to be present at the places where your avatar resides.

A great way to find the right places is finding your avatar in real life. Maybe you have a son or niece or former colleague who fits your avatar’s profile? If that’s the case, reach out to them and ask which magazines they read, which social media they’re on, which YouTube channels they follow, which blogs they’re subscribed to.

If you can’t find your avatar in real life, you’ll have to rely on trends and statistics.

Lots of blogs announce details of their audience on their website, for example Naked Wanderings.

Publishers of magazines can give you demographic data of their subscribers.

Websites like Smart Insights or Sproutsocial often publish detailed statistics about social media usage.

These statistics will tell you on which media to focus your marketing strategies. And on which not. TikTok, for example, is the next big thing in social media. It has 800 million active users and is the most downloaded app in the iStore. The statistics will also tell you that 41% of the TikTok users are younger than 24 years old. If that’s about the age of your avatar, TikTok will be your new best friend. If you’re aiming for an older public, you might want to focus on other social media.

Adjust your marketing strategy to your avatar

Finding the places where your avatar is hanging out is not enough. You have to adjust your whole marketing strategy with your avatar in mind. Does your avatar travel with the family, make sure to tell her how family friendly your place is. Is your avatar into hiking, add images of the wilderness around you. Doesn’t your avatar feel comfortable among clothed people, outline your nude obligatory policy. Your avatar profile and his/her likes and dislikes will help you with this.

Then adjust your way of marketing to your avatar. Instagram users like short videos, boomerangs and filters. TikTok users prefer short raw video. Blog readers can be reached via advertorials and display advertising. And so on.

How can we help you?

If you find it difficult to define the right avatar(s) or you would like help with reaching your avatars, contact us. We have lots of experience with naturists, naturist resorts and online media. We are good at these things!

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