FREE GUIDE for Naturist Resorts about how to cope with the COVID-19 crisis

FREE GUIDE for Naturist Resorts about how to cope with the COVID-19 crisis

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What did just happen?

How on earth did we wake up in such a weird world? Few things are what they used to be. If this was an episode of Black Mirror, we would have said “Well, this was entertaining, but that fifth season is way too surreal“. Most of you are not even allowed to leave the house today. The world is in lockdown, and all because of something we can’t see. COVID-19.

When we look at the economic damage, we’re not even talking about billions anymore. One of the sectors that is likely to suffer the most, that is likely to keep suffering long after these lockdowns are history, is the travel industry. We hear you, you are worried because people won’t be able to get to you. We are worried because we won’t be able to get anywhere.

Just like most of the world, we are in lockdown. Which means that we have an awful lot of time to think about the future and to follow everything that could give us an insight in the future of naturist vacations. We can tell you, we’ve learned a lot lately.

And we want you to know about this as well.

We’ve created a guide about how to prepare your naturist business for the end of the COVID-19 lockdown. About how to see this uncertain future as a huge opportunity.

To quote Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s chief of staff: “Never waste a crisis”.

In this guide you can read about our perception of the current reality and our opinion on how the world, and especially the naturist travel world, will evolve. We’ll give you a lot of tips about how to cope with the current situation and how to prepare for what’s to come. What WILL come and what MIGHT come. We’ll tell you how you can be perfectly prepared.

And also important, this guide is COMPLETELY FREE!

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