Different Types of Marketing for Naturist Businesses

Different Types of Marketing for Naturist Businesses

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Marketing is important for all types of businesses. Also naturist businesses. People have to know that you are there and what you have to offer. You may have the most wonderful naturist resort, the sharpest prices or the most dedicated staff in the world. If nobody knows about it, it makes no sense at all.
Luckily, the options to promote naturist businesses are more than ever. And for every possible budget.

Naturist Magazines

Naturist magazines have always been a popular way of marketing for naturist businesses and are still very commonly used. Most naturist magazines are created by naturist federations or clubs and distributed for free among their members. There are some magazines, such as the Dutch Bloot!Magazine, that are also for sale in bookshops and stores.

Audience: Members of a certain naturist federation, association or club. Or individual subscribers in case of a public magazine.

Cost: Depending on the magazine and the ad size. Often between 200€ and 2000€ per magazine edition.


  • Magazines reach a very targeted audience. Your ads will only be viewed by naturists from a certain country/region.
  • Both direct advertising as editorial advertising is possible.
  • There is a variety of design options and ad sizes to choose from.
  • You support a naturist federation/club by advertising in their magazine.


  • There are no statistics of who actually sees your ads, only a number of subscribers.
  • The ad reach is limited to the subscribers of the magazine.
  • Magazines often have early deadlines, so your marketing strategy has to be in place well in advance.
  • Ad testing is difficult because there rarely is a test run.

Examples: AANR Bulletin (USA), Athena Magazine (BE), BN Magazine (UK)​

Event Sponsorship

Naturist events are increasing in popularity and are today often organized outside the framework of a naturist club or resort. By sponsoring such an event you get the chance to spread the name of your business and to link it to a specific organization.

Audience: Visitors of a specific event and people who follow the event in other media.

Cost: Depending on the event and sponsorship budget. Often between several hundreds and several thousands of euros.


  • Your money goes to the organisation of an event, rather than into someone’s pockets.
  • You get more empathy from the visitors because you support the event.
  • There is a possibly large reach if there is media attention.
  • The targeting is excellent.


  • Event campaigns have a very short runtime: when the event is over, so is your marketing campaign.
  • Event campaigns include extra costs to create the promo material.
  • Everything that happens during the event may be directly linked to your business.

Examples: Nudefest (UK), Sentient Festival (USA)


Unfortunately there are few fairs where naturism can be represented. Except for several travel fairs in Europe. The travel fair Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for example, has a designated section for naturist resorts.

Audience: Visitors of a specific fair.

Cost: Depending on the fair and the size of your promo booth. Often between several hundreds and several thousands of euros.


  • You have direct contact with potential customers.
  • A variety of promo material (posters, flyers, brochures, keychains, …) is possible.


  • Having a decent spot on a fair is often quite expensive.
  • Joining fairs requires a lot of dedicated time and travel costs.

Examples: Vakantiebeurs Utrecht (NL), Holiday Fair Brussels (BE)ITB Berlin (DE).

Word of Mouth

This is head and shoulders the oldest marketing technique, and until today one of the most powerful ones. Happy customers give first-hand information about your business to potential new customers. And the best news is that the only thing you have to do is to keep your customer happy.

Audience: Friends of previous customers and friends of their friends.

Cost: Free


  • Word of mouth creates a high level of trust.
  • It’s a very personal form of marketing.
  • There is no cost at all.


  • Word of mouth is very difficult to control and measure.
  • People who talk about your business can create expectations which are hard to meet.

Examples: Everyone who had a great experience with your business and talks about it.

Social Media Marketing

It’s estimated that roughly 45% of the world’s population uses social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day. This makes social media one of the most powerful tools to reach a large worldwide audience.

Audience: Worldwide but very depending on your following.

Cost: Basically free, but additional costs may come for specific social media marketing tools or paid advertising through social media.


  • Social media is per definition free, so social media marketing can be done with a low cost.
  • When others share your content, it’s easy to reach a large audience.
  • Followers and likes create brand loyalty.
  • Social media channels provide interesting geographic and demographic marketing insights.
  • There are lots of different types of social media.
  • Social media marketing can happen in a very short timeframe.


  • Maintaining social media well is very time-consuming.
  • Anti-nudity policies by important social media channels make it difficult for naturist businesses.
  • Social media ads may turn negative because of possible negative comments.

Examples: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Display Ads (banner ads)

Every website on the whole worldwide web has the option to place banner ads. So just like with social media, banner ads have a huge potential. Banners can come in different formats and on different places on the website. The cost per banner depends on the model. Some websites ask for a fixed fee per month/year, others work with a pay-per-view model and NaturistAds works according to a pay-per-click model.

Audience: The audience of the website(s) where your ads appear on.

Cost: Fixed fee ads typically range between 100€ and 1500€ per year. Pay-per-view ads range between 1€ and 10€ per 1000 views. Pay-per-click ads can be from 25€ per month to several hundreds of euros.


  • The variable cost in the pay-per-view and pay-per-click models make banner advertising possible for all budgets.
  • By working with the right website/network it’s easy to get a targeted audience.
  • Banner ads are possible on many different websites.
  • Several different formats of banner ads can be used.
  • It’s possible to track the performance of your banners in real-time.


  • Banner Blindness and ad blockers may prevent the ads from being seen.
  • You often have little influence on where the ads will appear.
  • Ad “views” don’t mean that the reader has actually seen the ad, only that the ad has shown on the screen.

Examples: NaturistAds, Google Ads, Mediavine

Video Advertising

Video is increasing in popularity, especially among a younger audience. According to the statistics from YouTube, about 5 billion videos are watched every day. With video advertising you get the chance to promote your business in your own videos or to buy video ads which are integrated in other people’s videos.

Audience: Worldwide.

Cost: Basically free, but additional costs may come for specific camera gear, marketing tools or paid advertising.


  • Videos can be published for free.
  • It’s possible to track the performance of your videos in real-time.
  • Videos are easily shareable via social media and on websites.


  • Creating video requires a lot of expertise and time.
  • Some video channels (like YouTube) restrict videos containing nudity.
  • It’s very hard to target certain audiences with video marketing.

Examples: YouTube, Vimeo

Influencer Marketing

Creating a significant following on social media, your website or YouTube requires a huge amount of time and effort. That’s why many businesses decide to skip the row and let their online publicity be done by people who already have a large audience: Influencers. There are different ways to work with influencers. You can either publish ads on their media, you can ask them to review your product or business or they could do product placement (where they mention the name of your business in their media).

Audience: The audience of the influencer(s) you work with.

Cost: Depending on the influencers and the services they provide. Typically between 150€ and 3000€ per campaign.


  • Influencer marketing requires no skills and limited time from yourself.
  • Influencers reach a large targeted audience.
  • By working with influencers you build trust and credibility because the influencer recommends your business.


  • Working with the wrong influencers can harm your business.
  • It’s hard to measure results from Influencer campaigns.
  • Big influencers can be expensive.

Examples: Naked Wanderings, Hector Martinez

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing has proven to be one of the most successful forms of online advertising. Most people check their e-mails regularly and with more care than for example their Facebook account. With e-mail marketing it’s important to generate your e-mail list yourself. Of course, it’s possible to buy lists with thousands of e-mail addresses online, but these definitely aren’t as effective as your own list where people subscribe voluntarily.

Audience: The e-mail subscribers on your list. Often people who already know your business.

Cost: Basically free, extra costs may come for professional e-mail marketing tools.


  • E-mail marketing is affordable and doesn’t require a lot of time.
  • Your e-mails reach a dedicated audience.
  • E-mail marketing is easy to measure.
  • E-mails are considered much more personal than other types of advertising.


  • Commercial e-mails are often marked as such. Or worse: as spam.
  • E-mail campaigns only reach a limited number of people, who already know your business.
  • People receive so many promotional e-mails that yours might get lost among the others.

ExamplesMailchimp, ConvertKit, AWeber


Podcasts are among the newest forms of online marketing but just like video they are quickly gaining ground. You could start your own podcast or try to get invited to one of the popular naturist podcasts.

Audience: The listeners to your podcast or the podcast you appear on.

Cost: Most often free.


  • You get lots of time to talk about your business.
  • Appearance on well known podcasts creates a high level of trust.
  • Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular.
  • With podcasts it’s possible to reach a targeted audience.


  • Many people are not familiar (yet) with podcasts.
  • Podcasts are difficult to find via search engines.
  • Finding good podcasts and reaching out to them can be time-consuming.

Examples: Naturist Living Show, Our Naked Story


There are many kinds of online and offline marketing and all of them have their pros and cons. More importantly, all of them have their own audience. The podcast listener may not be a YouTube watcher. The naturist magazine reader might not have social media accounts. Or vice versa. Therefore it’s important to spread your marketing budget among several types of marketing. To create a marketing strategy.
With NaturistAds we don’t only take care of your banner ads. We can also help you create the marketing strategy which will get the most attention to your business. And we can help you with the setup of all different marketing techniques. If you like to hear more about this, do get in touch!

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