How to Determine the Best Pricing Strategy for Your NaturistAds Campaign

How to Determine the Best Pricing Strategy for Your NaturistAds Campaign

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NaturistAds works with a very honest pricing model: Pay-Per-Click. It’s all in the name. You only pay for every time someone clicks on one of your banners. This differentiates NaturistAds from most other online advertising programs that are currently available for naturist businesses.
One pricing model doesn’t, of course, mean one price. In total, we work with 20 different prices per click, according to a carefully designed strategy. This way we don’t only give you the opportunity to pick the best price for your campaign, we also support all kinds of marketing budgets and we reward loyal partners.
With this blog post, we’re going to help you determine the best price strategy for your campaign.

Why Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising?

Currently, all other providers of paid banner ads on naturist websites work with one of the following systems:

  • Fixed fee: You pay a certain amount per month/year to put your banner on a certain website. Independent of how many visitors the website gets or how many times your banners are seen.
  • Pay-Per-View: You pay a certain amount for every time your banner has appeared on someone’s screen.

Both models have a clear disadvantage: You don’t know whether the persons to whom your banner appears have any interest in your business. You don’t even know whether they have actually seen your ad or just scrolled past it. Only by using monitoring tools like Google Analytics, you get an estimation about the return of your banner ads.

With Pay-Per-Click we skip all the guessing and extra monitoring. You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. It doesn’t matter if your ad appears on millions of people’s screens, if nobody clicks on them you pay nothing. Which makes the Pay-Per-Click model a much more honest system than Fixed Fee and Pay-Per-View.

Determining your NaturistAds campaign type

We understand that when you first look at our Pricing Table, all the different numbers might be a bit confusing. As mentioned before, we believe that we need these different prices to allow every naturist business to work with NaturistAds, not only those with a five-digit marketing budget.

To make things less complicated, following steps will help you determine your perfect NaturistAds campaign:

1. Single campaign or subscription campaign?

The main question you want to ask yourself here is:

“Do I want a quick sale or promote my business in the long run?”

Quick sale: Single campaign.
Long run: Subscription campaign.

Single campaigns are most often used for quick promotions. For example, when you have a Black Friday discount or one of your reservations got canceled and you want to fill up the room again as quickly as possible. The goal of a single campaign is to draw as much attention as possible for a short amount of time. For single campaigns, the runtime is between 1 and 30 days and the budget is set per day.

Subscription campaigns have the goal to promote your business in the long run. Because you want to get your name out and you want the naturist world to know about your existence. This is very similar to more traditional types of advertising like in naturist magazines. Therefore, the runtime of subscription campaigns starts from 1 month and can be for several years. The budget is set per month.

2. Do you want geo-targeting or not?

Another big difference between NaturistAds and all other currently available banner advertising models for naturist businesses is that NaturistAds works with geo-targeting. This means that you have the option to only have your ads shown to people in certain countries.

Here you want to ask yourself:

“In which countries are my target customers located?”

It’s very important to really think this through. Lots of naturist resorts like to think that they have customers from all over the world. Nevertheless, only very few of them have been lucky to receive more than 100 different nationalities in the history of their resort. Given the fact that there are 195 countries in the world, they barely got half.

Geo-targeting doesn’t only help you to avoid clicks from people in countries that would rarely visit you, it also gives you the opportunity to create campaigns specifically for certain countries. You could create ads in Dutch and target your campaign only on The Netherlands and Belgium for example.

We only recommend not to use geo-targeting if you truly have a company with customers from all over the world, in every single continent (except Antarctica, few naturists there).

3. The duration of your campaign

Think about it:

“When and how long do I want my advertising campaign to run?”

In the case of single campaigns, the duration of the campaign doesn’t have any influence on the price. Nevertheless, in these cases timing is crucial. You want to reach people at exactly the right moment. It doesn’t make much sense to promote your Black Friday sales during a week in October. By the time the sales are actually there, your campaign will be long forgotten. Instead, your campaign will have to run the one or two weeks right before Black Friday. Preferably when the discount is already there.

For subscription campaigns, the longer you decide to run your campaign, the cheaper it becomes. This is our way to reward the loyalty of our partners. But also here, timing is important. Are there certain periods when people are more likely to buy your product or book at your resort?

4. The budget for your campaign

Last but certainly not least, you have to think about money:

“How much do you want to spend on your NaturistAds advertising campaign?”

For single campaigns, the budget possibilities start at 2€ per day to whatever you wish to spend on a day. The budget has no influence on the cost per click, so the only advantage of using a higher daily budget is that it will result in more clicks per day.
For example:

  • A 2€/day single campaign with geo-targeting costs 0.20€ per click. That’s 10 clicks per day (10 x 0.20€ = 2€)
  • A 10€/day single campaign with geo-targeting also costs 0.20€ per click. But results in 50 clicks per day (50 x 0.20€ = 10€)

The budget does play an important part in the pricing of subscription campaigns. The more you are willing to spend per month, the lower your cost per click will be. And thus the more clicks you’ll eventually get in the long run.
For example:

  • A 25€/month subscription campaign with geo-targeting for a duration of 6 months results in a price per click of 0.14€. That’s 179 clicks per month (179 x 0.14€ = 25€)
  • A 50€/month subscription campaign with geo-targeting for the same duration comes at a price per click of 0.12€. That’s 417 clicks per month (417 x 0.12€ = 50€)

How to read our pricing table?

Now that we have explained all different parts of our pricing strategy, let’s have another look at our Pricing Table. It does already make much more sense, right?

NaturistAds Pricing Table: Explanation

By answering our 4 questions, you will find out exactly which pricing will work best for your business.

Examples of the different NaturistAds pricing strategies

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to do a special promo for spending the weekend at your naturist spa. “50% off if you book our valentine weekend special this week”. You have an advertising budget of 70€ for this campaign.

✅ Single campaign or subscription? Short term, so single.
✅ Geo-targeting? Definitely, only target your own country and possibly nearby countries or countries with cheap direct flights to yours.
✅ Duration? One week, so 7 days
✅ Budget? 70€ = 10€ per day.


Your company sells organic soap, which could be great for the naturists who love to shower outdoors. You can ship to everywhere in the world. Your NaturistAds budget is 300€ per year.

✅ Single campaign or subscription? Long term, so subscription
✅ Geo-targeting? No, everyone can be your customer.
✅ Duration? All year.
✅ Budget? 300€ = 25€ per month. Resulting in a price per click of 0.09€


You want to promote your naturist resort, but only during the period when most people are booking, being December to August. The large majority of your guests are from the USA and Canada. Your budget for NaturistAds is 900€ per year.

✅ Single campaign or subscription? Long term, so subscription
✅ Geo-targeting? Yes: USA & Canada.
✅ Duration? 9 months: December to August.
✅ Budget? 900€ = 100€ per month. Resulting in a price per click of 0.10€


You notice that your number of German customers has been decreasing last year and you want to bring your company back to their attention. In this case, you create special banners in German. Your budget for NaturistAds is 600€ per year.

✅ Single campaign or subscription? Long term, so subscription
✅ Geo-targeting? Yes: Germany.
✅ Duration? All year.
✅ Budget? 600€ = 50€ per month. Resulting in a price per click of 0.12€


You already spent all of your marketing budget for this year. So you start searching for change and end up gathering 25€. Excellent. This will give you the chance to give NaturistAds a try!

✅ Single campaign or subscription? Subscription, this will give you the most clicks for your money.
✅ Geo-targeting? Depending on your business but probably yes.
✅ Duration? One month.
✅ Budget? 25€ is just enough for one month advertising on NaturistAds. Resulting in a price per click of 0.18€, that’s 139 clicks.


Will You run broke overnight because of too many clicks?

What if your banners are so attractive that they generate thousands of clicks? Just like that you could wake up one morning and be 500€ in dept. Right?

Wrong, that just can’t happen. Your periodical budget (monthly for subscription, daily for single campaign) is the maximum you can spend. Whenever you reach the budget, your banners just stop showing.

In the case of subscriptions, it could happen that you reach your budget way before the month is finished. In this case, you will get three options:

  • Either you increase your budget for more exposure.
  • Or you leave it like this for the next months and your banners just stop showing whenever you reach your budget.
  • Or we set an additional daily maximum, so your ads are shown fewer times a day but more days per month.

How can we make sure that you get enough clicks for your budget?

We simply can’t. We have no control over how many times your banners will be clicked. If at the end of a certain period your campaign did not receive the necessary amount of clicks, the remaining positive balance is automatically forwarded to the next period. Or at the end of your campaign subtracted from your final invoice.

An example:
You have a 6-month geo-targeted campaign at 50€ per month. That’s 0.12€ per click or 417 clicks per month.

Month Monthly budget Clicks Cost Balance Invoice amount
300 x 0.12€ = 36€
500 x 0.12€ = 60€
450 x 0.12€ = 54€
417 x 0.12€ = 50€
417 x 0.12€ = 50€
350 x 0.12€ = 42€


We’ve mentioned it in the introduction of this blog post and we like to mention it again: Pay-Per-Click simply is the most honest form of banner advertising. You only pay for the people we re-direct to your website.
If you like to receive more information about how NaturistAds can help to promote your naturist business online or if you prefer a personalized analysis for your campaign, send us a message!

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