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Where do you advertise your business today?

In naturist magazines?
On social media?
You prefer to count on word of mouth?
Maybe you already have a banner on this or that website for a fixed price or according to a pay-per-view scheme.

 We recently did a survey among 1600 naturists worldwide about how they research a future naturist holiday destination. 24% said to often or always rely on naturist magazines. 29% said to never or rarely rely on magazines.

 Word of mouth did slightly better. 30% of our participants often or always rely on the advice of others. 22% rarely or never do.

 And then comes the internet. 60% of our participants often or always use Google as their primary source for information about naturist destinations. Only 8% said to never use the internet for this.

So if you’re already doing online marketing, you are definitely on the right track. But there are some restrictions today.  Which NaturistAds will solve.

NaturistAds - The Naturist Advertising Network

New advertising technology

The main difficulty with fixed price banners or pay-per-view schemes is that you have no idea where your money is going. A certain publisher may have 100K unique visitors on his or her website, but who are those people? Are they interested in your business at all? Aren’t they suffering from banner blindness?

You just don’t know.
Unless you spend a lot of time monitoring where all your trafic originates from.

That’s exactly why NaturistAds works on a pay-per-click basis. You only pay for leads directly to your website. Even if your ad gets a million views but only one click, you only pay for that one click.

targeted marketing

NaturistAds is not the only advertising network which offers pay-per-click ads. In fact, all the big ones do it. There’s Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Mediavine, Adthrive and hundreds of others. And they all have one thing in common: a strict anti-nudity policy.

This means that publishers of naturist content are not allowed to work with any of those networks. As a consequence, owners of naturist businesses don’t have any possibility to focus on a specific naturist public. Make that “didn’t have”. Because this is exactly what NaturistAds provides.

Another great advantage of NaturistAds is that we work with location targeting. You can define to which nationalities you want your ad to be shown. This makes NaturistAds also the perfect platform for last minute promotions.


NaturistAds - The Naturist Advertising Network

Who are our publishers?

Everyone who has an online naturist publication can become a NaturistAds Publisher and promote your ads to their audience.

But of course they have to comply with our NaturistAds fundamentals.

All our publishers and their media are checked before they are allowed to publish NaturistAds banners.

Who are you?

Do you have a naturist business or do you provide services or products that might be interesting for naturists?
Then you have come to the right place.

With NaturistAds you get the opportunity to reach thousands of naturists around the world.

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personalized info

Every business is different.
What works for one will not automatically work for someone else as well.

With our experience we can help you decide which advertising strategy is the way forward for your business. 

Also, if everything on this website sounds like Chinese to you, don’t worry. This is not your job. It’s our job. We can further explain the different parts and help you decide which would be best for you.