Naturist Advertising Network

Pay-Per-Click advertising for naturist businesses.

advertise to a unique naturist public

We provide advertisers the chance to reach a completely naturist/nudist public. Your ads will appear on online media specifically focused on naturism and nudism. 


With pay-per-click advertising you only pay when people actually visit your company website via your banners.

Location targeting

Reach a very targeted audience via our location targeting service. Your ads will only appear to those who you want as a visitor.

Free visibility

While your ads are published, thousands of naturists and nudists will see your company name. This significantly improves your branding.

EARN extra income by publishing ads

If you have an online naturist publication like a blog or magazine, NaturistAds provides you the UNIQUE opportunity to earn extra income via advertising. 

easy money

We do most of the work for you. The only thing you have to do is implement our code on your website and you can start earning money.

added value

By publishing ads of naturist businesses you provide added value to your readers by offering specific opportunities and products.

help naturism grow

Online naturist advertising has always been restricted by the anti-nudity policies of the large advertising companies. Until now.

NaturistAds - The Naturist Advertising Network

Who are we

We are Nick and Lins, the couple behind the popular naturist travel blog Naked Wanderings.

After many attempts to apply to major online advertising networks like Google Adsense, Facebook Ads and Mediavine and an equal amount of rejections because of their anti-nudity policies, we decided that it was time for a change.

With NaturistAds we want to bring naturists and naturist businesses together. 

Online naturist publishers get the chance to earn extra income by publishing ads on their websites which are interesting for their readers.

Naturist businesses get the chance to spread the word about their company to a global naturist public.

It’s a win-win!

NaturistAds is the first pay-per-click naturist advertising network in the world. We’re sure that it has the power to create a revolution in the way that naturist businesses advertise online.



Naked Wanderings

Nick and Lins travel the world in search of naturist and nudist opportunities and write about them on their very popular blog Naked Wanderings.


NUDE is the world's most complete directory and review site of naturist resorts.

Nude and Happy

Nude and Happy is a long lasting blog about the different aspects of naturism and nudism. Also the French version Nu et Heureux is a NaturistAds publisher.

Os Naturistas

Os Naturistas is the largest naturist blog in Brazil and is also conquering the rest of the world with their frequent English content.

Naturism Girl

Naturism Girl writes on her popular blog about her travels to naturist resorts as well as about naturism seen from a female perspective.